Union Pier Cruise Terminal

About the Union Pier Cruise Terminal

Working in close collaboration with the City of Charleston, the South Carolina State Ports Authority created a Concept Plan for its Union Pier Cruise Terminal and the surrounding area. Phase 1 of the plan involves moving the cruise terminal to the northern end of Union Pier. On July 18, 2011 SCSPA President and CEO Jim Newsome and others presented design concepts and renderings for the new cruise terminal.

Click here to view a brochure showing Union Pier as it is today, contrasted with the vision for how it could be transformed by the Union Pier Concept Plan.

Goals of the Union Pier Concept Plan included:

  • Create a financially viable plan for a new cruise terminal that is attractive and in keeping with the character of historic Charleston
  • Comply with today’s enhanced cruise security requirements
  • Mitigate impacts on existing infrastructure and traffic
  • Identify additional uses for the Union Pier property that bring enjoyment to Charlestonians and enhance the local economy
  • Increase public access to Charleston’s historic waterfront

Learn more about the Union Pier Concept Plan by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions.
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Broad map of area