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Capital Plan

SCPA and the State of South Carolina will execute $2 billion in port and port-related capital investments over ten years to address the most significant trends in the industry today, including the deployment of big ships and alliances formed by major shipping lines, to ensure our facilities have required capacity and technology necessary for continued volume growth.

New Container Terminal (Phase 1) $700 Million South Carolina Ports Authority
$1.35 Billion
Inland Port Greer $50 Million
Other Infrastructure & IT Projects * $600 Million
Harbor Deepening to 52 Feet $300 Million State of South Carolina
$750 Million
Port Access Road $225 Million
New Dual Access Intermodal Railhead $250 Million
Total 10-Year CAPEX Commitment $2 Billion

*Interstate Highway Expansion, Existing Facility Improvements, Container Cranes, New IT Systems, etc.

  • Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr. Terminal – Construction is underway on SCPA’s new container terminal, which will increase our container capacity by 50 percent. It is currently the only new permitted container terminal under construction on the East or Gulf coast, and Phase I of the project is expected to be completed by 2020. The estimated construction cost is approximately $700 million in SCPA capital funding, with a state-funded $225 million dedicated access road from the interstate onto the new terminal site.
  • Inland Port Greer – The Inland Port Greer opened in October of 2013 to improve the efficiency of international container movements between the Port of Charleston, South Carolina Upstate and neighboring states. In partnership with Norfolk Southern, the $50 million SCPA-funded project utilizes an overnight train service to handle double-stack container trains to and from the Port of Charleston’s productive seaport facilities.
  • Existing terminal modernization and infrastructure projects – SCPA will invest $600 million in projects to existing terminals, including the Wando Welch strengthening project, which will deliver structural upgrades to SCPA’s busiest container terminal to handle the frequency of post-Panamax vessels calling Charleston.
  • Harbor Deepening – SCPA recognizes the deep water required to accommodate post-Panamax vessels both now and in the future, and is in the process of deepening our harbor to 52 feet. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the decade, allowing the Port to accommodate post-Panamax vessels without tidal restriction.