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New Container Interchange Lane Procedure


Truckers and other SC Port partners please note that a new container interchange lane procedure will take effect on Wednesday, November 23, 2016.

In an effort to improve safety and communication in the container interchange lanes, all drivers will be required to turn off their tractor’s engine when arriving in any interchange lane at Wando Welch Terminal, North Charleston Terminal, and Inland Port Greer. The engine must be off before proceeding with any aspect of the mission.

Once the engine is off, each trucker may proceed with his/her gate transaction. The engine may not be restarted until the gate transaction is complete and the driver is ready to exit. Any driver that does not comply with this new procedure will not be allowed to initiate the gate transaction and will be instructed to exit the gate immediately.

This new process is being implemented to ensure safety in the lanes, to enable better verbal communication between truckers and clerks, and to minimize time spent in the lane.

We appreciate your cooperation on this important change in procedure.