New Terminal

The South Carolina Ports Authority is currently building the only permitted new container terminal on the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts.  Since receiving the final permit approvals in 2007, Navy Base Terminal Renderingthe Ports Authority has completed preliminary demolition, site preparation and containment wall construction on the new, 280-acre terminal which, at build out, will boost capacity in the port by a full 50%. Construction is currently underway, and the anticipated opening date of the terminal’s 171-acre first phase is planned for fiscal year 2019 or as market demand requires.

To offset potential negative impacts, the South Carolina Ports Authority has included what has been called the state’s largest environmental and community mitigation package, estimated at $12.2 million.  The Ports Authority’s plan includes both environmental and community mitigation measures.  In addition to the Ports Authority’s efforts, SCDOT also has planned extensive mitigation for impacts associated with the Port Access Road. For additional information about the mitigation plan and other environmental efforts, visit